Mar 18, 2009


Finally I set up a new blog again. :)
I was fed up with my old one in system. I want a simple place to type down my random thoughts, without advertisements and any other annoyance.

I just came back to Taiwan from UC Berkeley. I love Berkeley! It resides in the beautiful town Berkeley and has a fantastic campus and facilities, and students there are also very nice. San Fransisco becomes one of my my favorite cities after Barcelona and Amsterdam! Its vigor, beauty and all-embracing atmosphere make it a comfortable place. One night we went to Haight district and Castro st., I was excited, and though I knew the comercialization of a place like Castro st. was quite ironic, I was still happy to see such a gay-friendly scene.

The Strait Talk symposium is cool. The delegates from China and the US are all brilliant students, and we have run several conflicts resolution sessions and finally drew a report of our suggestions to solve cross-strait confrontation. I was forced to think about the whole issue during the week. I kept my brain running, but I still couldn't express my thoughts well -- there are things and feelings too complicated. Besides that, we the delegations become a happy group. We not only hang out together but also bring our cool ideas together, and I hope we can run our projects well! I love this group of people, they are marvellous!

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